Survey Says – Snoring Rooms Are Hot for 2016

The Problem

Lack of sleep caused by a snoring partner is a very common strain to a marriage or partnership. At one time, 67% of people polled nationally, who lived with someone who snored, stated they slept very little at night and usually woke up exhausted. This sleep deprivation can also come at a cost.

Drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel cause thirteen percent of fatal car accidents. Not to mention the 30 million work days and $13 billion lost each year due to work-related accidents caused by lack of sleep.

The Solution

Snoring rooms are becoming a very popular solution for both partners who require a little more sleep (okay, a lot more) than what they have been receiving to get them through the day. It is now socially “okay” to love and adore your spouse and then send him away in the evening to his own room to snore happily ever after.

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However, before you reach for the paper bag and start hyperventilating about the cost, here are some basic suggestions.

The Room Size

Having a room size of at least 10 x 10 ft will prevent the occupant from feeling as if he is being shoved into a closet. Some things to include in the room besides a bed are chair, lamp, and clock. It really doesn’t have to be very fancy. You may want to put in a bed big enough for two people just in case. Well, you know.

Stay Close

Keep the snoring room next to the spouse if possible. Snoring cannot be helped by most individuals so don’t let him feel as if he is being punished.

A separate access to a bathroom is also something to think about. If the snoring room occupant needs to get up in the night, he can do so without disturbing anyone else.

Simple and Flexible

Make the room simple and flexible so it can easily be converted into another room if necessary Plans and lives can change suddenly. This may also come in handy if you want to sell your home in the future.

Josey Vogel, author of ‘Bedside Manners,’ camps out in her den at least 2-3 times per week to escape the snoring from her loving and devoted husband. She makes this comment, “The time where we’re asleep I figure it’s not like it matters where we’re sleeping.” She also says she wakes up refreshed and will often crawl in bed with hubby in the morning just to say hi. Vogel is also a Toronto sex and dating columnist.

I have just one thing to say about all this hype on special snoring rooms. “Honey, there’s a sale on beds this weekend. Let’s go check it out.”